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DARK KNIGHT RISES: New TV Ads Have Action, Mayhem, and Fans Confused! [VIDEO]


The new TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises are flying around the internet. Now things are getting crazy. We’ll sort things out for you with both of the new ads–only one of which was first seen as an official release. (The other one was leaked beforehand, and has now been made available from the studio.) We’re starting out with the new spot entitled “Retirement,” which mostly features action you’ve seen before. (If not: SPOILERS!) There are a few shocking new moments, including a shot where Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordon seems almost happy. Below that, we have the other breaking Knight TV commercial, which features more of Bane’s mid-flight prison escape. Now let’s all take a deep breath, get our bearings, and watch more Bat-Action in our Bat-Pajamas! (We’re not really wearing our Bat-Pajamas.)

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