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Barbecues Blowing Up Real Good! [Special Edition: Videos of the (Memorial) Day]


 What do you mean you didn’t read COED’s Guide to How to Have A Barbecue? It’s Memorial Day weekend, and time to light up the grill. You don’t want to end up like some bbq cowboy pouring on the lighter fluid and causing a backyard inferno! That happens so often that we had to narrow down this collection of videos where backyard cooking almost becomes a neighborhood catastrophe! Watch and learn and don’t try this at home. Also, check out how the last clip is real footage being used for an Australian barbecue ad. That’s kind of creepy, but the footage is still good–so, you know, let’s hear it for Australian marketing…

COED Writer
J.R. Taylor has spent several years covering all aspects of pop culture for prestigious publications. Well, they were prestigious. Contact me: @google+ @twitter @email @website