5 Best Office Pranks EVER

Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, why not think ahead to Tuesday – and pull the ultimate office prank? If you work in an office, you know it’s a prime domain for pranking. Imagine the fun when the work-troops return to the office–only to find their cubicles boxed in, wallpapered, or designed like a princess playroom. If you’re short on mischievous ideas, the good folks at Zug.com have collected some of the best office pranks of all time. Spend this weekend devising the ultimate office prank to leave your boss laughing–or find yourself fired!


Looking for a great cubicle makeover? The employees at this software development company turned their co-workers workspace into a small house; complete with mailbox, house number, window box full of flowers, electrical lights, doorbell, and a ceiling fan. Apparently, a lot of free time can be had at this fun-loving company.



These Philadelphia pranksters walled over the hall of their office – making an entire section of the complex disappear. Only David Copperfield could do a better job.


It’s balloon madness! This must hold the world record for, “Most Balloons Filled for an Office Prank.” Watch as the boss walks into the sea of balloons. Balloon-voyage!



While the boss was on vacation, co-workers turned his office into a fairy princess bedroom. Note the attention to detail. Surprisingly – the boss really liked it!


This is the ultimate example of the desk wrapping prank. Let the boss go on vacation – and cover ever inch of his office in newspaper. Hours of laughter and YouTube views will follow.

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