Alison Brie [See Her Tonight on MAD MEN]


Alison Brie returns to Mad Men

(10 pm EST, AMC)

Fans of Community are worried about their favorite sitcom, but star Alison Brie has a back-up plan with Mad Men. Tonight continues her return to the show after a long stint away. She’s sexier than ever as the wife of account exec Pete Campbell, but Alison has also picked up plenty of fans for her hot photo shoots and geeky ways. Her bouncy and bubbling breasts personality has built up a big fan following. Also–as we’ve already chronicled here–Alison’s practically a one-woman .gif industry. There’s plenty of hot Alison moments to choose from, thanks to her work on the Hot Sluts series of indie shorts, along with her occasional lesbianic moment with Community co-star Gillian Jacobs. Community might still be struggling along, but we know Alison’s gonna keep coasting into stardom!  [imagecredit:]

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