How To Make Meeting The Parents Painless [He Said/She Said]

The first time a girlfriend of mine met my parents, I think I might have been just as nervous as she was. She was a nice, normal girl, and my parents are great, understanding people, so there was literally nothing to worry about. Of course, everything went fine… until the broad went crazy a few weeks later, but that initial meet and greet was nothing but smooth sailing. Read on for a few pointers to ensure that you don’t experience any snags with this often-awkward encounter between significant other and parents.

First off, don’t wear anything remotely suggestive. If your boyfriend’s mom is anything like mine, she will not appreciate seeing a girl with her cleavage hanging out. She will not be fond of a jean skirt climbing right up your butt. She won’t appreciate the leopard print thong hanging out of your skinny jeans when you bend over the pet the dog that, “OMG IS SO CUTE”. It sounds stupid, but a first impression means everything to parents, so come dressed in something conservative. I’m not saying show up dressed like a nun, but just don’t be flaunting your sh*t because that is not going to go over well with most mothers.

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Another key factor to making that great first impression is to mind that perfect balance in conversation. You don’t want to be that awkward girl who just falters under the pressure of speaking with the parents. Seriously, don’t be shy. Any parent is probably so happy their son has a girlfriend over to the house that they won’t even care what you are saying.

Going hand in hand with that is the fact that nobody likes dealing with a blabbermouth. Find a medium where you have a healthy conversation, back and forth between you and the parents. They don’t give a sh*t about your sorority sisters, you know what, just avoid talking about the sorority at all.

All in all, this experience has all the reason to be a nice, friendly time getting to know his parents. Be confident, but not cocky. Be funny, but not corny. Most of all just be yourself and you should have nothing to worry about because their joy of knowing their son now has the ability to talk to girls will outweigh their potential criticisms of you.


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