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EMPIRE Magazine Has 2 DARK KNIGHT Covers (Catwoman’s Even Hotter Than Batman!) + Plus Pics


We keep seeing more of The Dark Knight Rises–and the UK film magazine Empire is helping out with two new covers and some exclusive pics. You definitely need to check out their shots of the imposing Batman and the curvy Catwoman–which are also available as posters! (SPOILER: Anne Hathaway is showing off her imposing curves!) We also have a few of Empire’s plentiful pics from the upcoming summer blockbuster. How do we know it’s going to be a summer blockbuster? We’ve already told you. Anne Hathaway is showing off her imposing curves! The gallery’s below the posters, so scroll down for the pics–including a shot of Marion Cotillard. Yeah, she’s in it, too! It’s a superduper summer blockbuster!

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