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Darth Vader Robs Bank–Needs Cash for Tomorrow’s STAR WARS Party


How do you plan on spending tomorrow’s 35th anniversary of the release of Star Wars? We know somebody who’s got money for a big blowout. A bank in Toledo, Ohio was robbed yesterday by a criminal in a Darth Vader mask. Then Darth rode off on a bicycle. Don’t be too hard on the intergalactic warlord, though. It’s been a tough 35 years since Darth Vader became a film icon. For one thing, George Lucas won’t quit screwing with him. Just check out the Star Wars Blu-Rays. How would you feel if somebody ruined your big redeeming moment by going back and dubbing in a cheesy “Nooo!” over the dialogue? If we were Darth Vader, we wouldn’t be robbing banks. We’d be hanging around George Lucas’ house with a baseball bat.

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