Top 12 Hotties Shamefully Snubbed By Maxim’s Hot 100 [2012 Edition]

Maxim’s Hot 100 comes out in newsstands on May 24th but the final list has been on their website for a little while now. Ranking the hottest 100 women must have been a monumental task for Maxim but honestly there are still a few inclusions/omissions that left us… surprised. It’s tough to argue against Bar Rafaeli being in the #1 spot, but why is Kate Upton way in the back at #39? And where is Beyonce? Yes, there’s bound to be a few disagreements, but that’s were we come in. Think of this list as an addendum to the already well-thought out Maxim Hot 100. Check out their list here and let us know if you agree with our ‘corrections’ below.

12. Kate Upton

If you’re being all technical about it, Kate wasn’t left off the list. She was, however, placed in the middle of the pack at #39. Considering that she was the cover model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, that’s a pretty bold move by Maxim. I consider those “Cat Daddy” Terry Richardson photos some of the hottest pictures I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Putting her down at #39 is almost disrespectful. Almost.

11. Danielle Knudson

This time last year, no one had heard of the model only known as “Danielle Kn.” After only one photoshoot, everyone was racing to figure out who she was. Now that we know, she’s kind of disappeared into the sunset. You can’t blame Maxim for not including Danielle Knudson on the list, but it’s a shame that she’s so easily forgotten.

10. Elisabetta Canalis

It seems like Elisabetta Canalis just can’t catch a break. First Clooney dumps her for a younger, leggier, blonde and now Maxim leaves her off of the Hot 100 list. There might have been some back-door deals related to slapping General Aladeen on a private yacht, but more than likely it’s just because 2012 isn’t her year. Take a look at the unluckiest hottie below!

9. Erin Heatherton

We’ve got a serious infatuation with Erin Heatherton, so you can understand why we take her omission personally. This All-American beauty is one of the few people representing for the States when it comes to Victoria’s Secret supermodels, so you’ve got to show her some love. Peep her hottest photos below.

8. Irina Shayk

The only reason we can think of that Irina was left off of the list was because she was too obvious a choice. I mean, how does a Victoria’s Secret / Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model get left off of the Hottest 100 list? That’s like leaving the Miami Heat off of the short list for “Most Likely To Win the NBA Title.” Check out

7. Jessica Jane-Clement

We couldn’t help but notice that there wasn’t a single busty UK glamour model included on the list. What gives? Jessica Jane-Clement constantly comes up with some of the sexiest photos on the web. We’re not sure why she was forgotten on this list and last year’s, but if loving British women with big boobs is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

6. Kim Kardashian

Despite the fact that 90% of the civilized world has a severe disdain for Kim Kardashian, I can’t bring myself to stop fighting for her. At least Zoo Magazine agrees me on this one– the British Lad Mag voted her as the hottest 101 women on the planet.

5. Luisana Lopilato

I think it’s fair to say that Luisana Lopilato deserves to be on the list somewhere, somehow. This hot Argentinian first grabbed our eyes once we learned that she had married Michael Buble. By then, of course, it was too late. But it’s not too late for us to

4. Melanie Iglesias

If you haven’t seen Melanie Iglesias before, then you’ve never been on Youtube. Or the internet. You’re sure to recognize this beauty from those “Flip Books Videos,” but her still shots are also note-worthy. Check them out for yourself below.

3. Rhian Sugden

Yet another of the UK glamour models left off of the list, Rhian Sugden just so happens to be one of our most favorite. That’s why we’re more than happy to show you some of her sauciest photos yet. If you can’t tell where you recognize her from, Rhian was the girl who made the way-too-sexy PSA about testicular cancer.

2. Beyoncé Knowles

Sure, Beyonce Knowles might have had a kid but that just makes today’s best R&B singer a total MILF. We’re not saying that People Magazine was right in naming her the Sexiest Woman of 2012 but she definitely deserves a spot somewhere on here.

1. Sara Jean Underwood

Sara Jean Underwood topped Maxim’s Hot 100 list last year, so we’re left a little confused as to why she’s not even on the list. In our minds, SJU is one of the five hottest models/women on the planet so we’re not too sure why she was left off of the list this year and last year. She might be feeling kind of left out, so make sure to check out her hottest photos below.

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