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THE VIEW Announces Marvel Comics’ First Gay Marriage–We’ve Got Northstar’s Guest List! [VIDEO]


There’s big comics news today as the ladies of The View announced the gay wedding of superhero Northstar. (It’ll be in Astonishing X-Men #51, so save the date.) The character was clearly gay back when he debuted in the ’80s, with creator John Bryne often showing the superhero lounging around with other handsome young men. Northstar still wasn’t allowed a gay kiss until last year. Now things are moving faster than Northstar himself. (He’s superfast, you know.) There are plenty of gay comic book characters to share in the big day, too. DC Comics and Marvel have served up plenty over the years, from the recently out-and-proud to older characters who could only hint at their sexuality. Here are some of our favorite ladies who’ve been part of that hot trend–and it would be cool if Marvel allowed some corporate crossovers and let them show up at Northstar’s wedding…

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