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The Forgotten SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Hosts: They Didn’t Move Like Jagger


Even the doubters have to congratulate Saturday Night Live on the show’s big season finale this weekend. A lot of the credit goes to Mick Jagger as the guest host. He didn’t just deliver some amazing musical moments. He also did some great comic turns. Of course, those were made even funnier because he’s Mick Jagger. SNL has to be really back on top to get a guy like that to risk looking uncool on live television. Things weren’t always so good for SNL. The show had to book some really minor hosts during a few miserable seasons. Of course, there were hit seasons when SNL used its clout to bring in obscure hosts that were admired by the writers. It’s made for a weird mix over the years. Look back with us now at the SNL hosts that were briefly big enough to host the show–and then didn’t hang around for decades of fame…

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