Blackbelt Laura Vandervoort Kicks Butt In 13 New “Me In My Place” Photos

Hot off the tails of our definitive guide to the sexiest Me In My Place photos comes this new set from Laura Vandervoort aka Supergirl from Smallville. Photographer Michael Edwards of MIMP fame has really created an amazing series of pictures for Esquire, but it’s always fun to learn a little bit about the girls you’re looking at in the included interviews. For example, I recently learned that Laura is in such good shape because she’s a martial arts fanatic. I also learned that purple cotton underwear looks pretty amazing on her. We understand that you’re only going to remember one of those nuggets of information, so feel free to check out her photos below.

Claire Forlani [See Her Tonight on NCIS: LOS ANGELES]
Claire Forlani [See Her Tonight on NCIS: LOS ANGELES]
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