As noted earlier, it’s Joey Ramone’s birthday and we’re going out to the Annual Birthday Bash for the late punk god–on what should have been his 61st birthday. (He died back in 2001.) The yearly concert is put together by Joey’s brother Mickey Leigh, who had his own fine band called The Rattlers. Mickey’s also been busy cleaning up Joey’s last demo tapes to assemble the new …Ya Know? album. Meanwhile, not enough people remember that he and Joey once teamed up under the name Sibling Rivalry for a 1994 EP.

That one included a great cover of “See My Way,” as originally recorded by Blodwyn Pig–who were uncool enough to be a Jethro Tull spin-off. Here’s the Sibling Rivalry version, as presented on Youtube by Mickey himself with lots of family photos. You can read about the brothers’ own troubled relationship in Mickey’s book I Slept With Joey Ramone. It doesn’t tell the whole story, but the book is fun and gossipy and captures a lot of the weirdness that made Joey (and The Ramones) truly great. Sibling Rivalry wasn’t bad, either…

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