COED’s Daily Dish: Best Vids of the Day

Got a minute to kill? Take our hand and let us lead you to some of the hottest funniest,  and strangest videos found on the Web. A little video something is found for everyone. Do you like robots? We do. How about a dumb man getting his arm bit by an alligator? Hell yes. Maybe police pulling pranks of civilians is more your speed?

Yes. Okay, COED fans, here’s your daily dish of best vids. View on friends..

The brainiacs at the Department of Advanced Robotics built a new versatile quadruped robot with hydraulic+electric actuation. The robot goes by the name: HyQ. When will the robot uprising occur?

Have you been to Christiania in Copenhagen? It’s like a little Amsterdam. (We know what that means.) Check out this hilarious interview with a drug basher.

Eric Kelly is a perfect combination of boxing instructor and dominatrix. Watch Wall Street nerds getting their asses kicked into shape as they’re taught how to box.

Here’s an alligator biting a very dumb man’s arm. Remember: Don’t try this at home!

Check out the wicked Hiller Flying Platform – that was invented back in 1955. What the hell happened to the flying platform…and where is our robot maids!

Two good ol’ boys explain the Southern accent. It’s about time.

Ever get pulled by the police? Check out this video and find out where the little girl is. Ahhh, cop humor!

Are you a fan of the Ba’noodle? Then check out the Ba’noodle Dub.

Jordu Schell of Dreamworks created this master sci-fi sculture in under an hour. Since 1987, Schell’s work has been featured in such films as Avatar and Alien vs. Predator.

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