1-2-3-Ink! 25 Rockin’ Ramones Tattoos (Happy Birthday, Joey!)

We’re getting geared up for tonight’s big Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, where our ticket buys us a t-shirt, a copy of Joey’s new …Ya Know? album, and an evening of NYC gutter-rockers paying tribute to The Ramones. (We could’ve gotten on the list, but it’s for charity, man!) [image: deviantart]

We’re also almost done reading Johnny’s posthumous Commando autobiography. Like any right-thinking person, we really try every day to show some respect to the legacy of Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Marky, and the rest of the guys–but not like the Ramones fans we’re showcasing here. They’ve taken the plunge with genuine Ramones tattoos.

Maybe to varying degrees of success, but who cares? They are sporting a┬áRamones tattoo. It is inherently good…

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