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COED’s Daily Dish: Best Vids of the Day


What’s going on in the world of the Web today? Lot of craaaaaaaaaazy stuff out there.

For your daily dose of viral videos, check out a guy opening a beer bottle with a chainsaw, a 5k zombie obstacle course, the Treadmill Song, and a guy lighting cotton on fire. No need to search the Internet for these videos – we did it for you!

The All-New “F*ck You” Pizza From Pizza Hut. Not only does it have a whopping 13,740 calories, but the delivery driver will also punch you in the face.

Hey gang: It’s the Treadmill Accident song by Parry Gripp. Is it funnier when they fall on their face or when their pants fall off?

Ever wanted to open a beer bottle with a chainsaw? Me neither. Check out the fun that backwoods people get into when they have too much free time on their hands.

Want to wield a real-life Star Wars lightsaber  – not endorsed by Lucasfilms? Check out LaserSaber: a radiant saber pulsing with laser powered energy.  The official video stresses: This is not a toy!

It’s fun to watch someone light cotton on fire. (But our lawyers stress, “Don’t try this at home!”) Fire! Fire! Fire!

What if Pixar had some balls? The animation studio would come up with something like, The Goons. Can anyone guess the name of the actor who is doing the voice in this piece?

Run For Your Lives! That’s right, it’s a 5k race where part of the contestants dress like zombies. Run faster – they’re after you! More brains!

Cool. Etcher is a perfectly functioning Etch A Sketch for your iPad. What can’t the iPad do?

Biggest dumbass ever on Judge Judy. Guess what, he’s 21-years old and has 10 kids!

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