Battleship Babe Battle: Brooklyn Decker Vs. Rihanna [PHOTOS]


Nobody’s sure if Battleship will be a direct hit, but we know two reasons that our heat-seeking missiles are heading to the multiplex! This epic tale of Navy men (and women) vs. Evil Aliens includes the very special effects of Brooklyn Decker and Rihannon. Frankly, we’re kind of conflicted about who’s got us more excited. Brooklyn is practically a veteran actress now, but we still love seeing her big talents on the big screen. Rihanna is making her debut, and she’s wearing a Navy uniform. That’s sexy. Especially when she whispers “Boom” in the Battleship trailer. Now let’s train for the film by checking out amazing pics of both babes. At least that might prevent the chance of any premature launchings! If you know what we mean. We don’t really have that problem, though.

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