Tricia Helfer [See Her Tonight on CRIMINAL MINDS]


Tricia Helfer is bad on Criminal Minds

(9 pm EST, CBS)

It’s a two-hour season finale on tonight’s Criminal Minds, and we’d sit through an entire miniseries to see Tricia Helfer as a bad girl. She’s even playing a very bad girl who goes from being a bank robber to something even worse. Of course, we’ve only seen Tricia getting better since we began geeking out to her on Battlestar Galactica. She hasn’t had much luck finding a new hit series, but Tricia is still a hit with us. She’s even putting on a few devilish disguises in tonight’s epic episode–so Tricia’s fervent fan base will probably end up assaulting themselves before the show’s even over! Then everybody’s going to Twitter her about it! Okay, we’re just kidding about that last part. That would be creepy.   [Image credit: thechive]

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