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Elizabetta Canalis Peeps The Dictator’s Private Parts [PHOTOS]


While these photos are 100% a PR stunt for The Dictator,┬áthat doesn’t mean that you can discount how funny these really are. Yesterday Elisabetta Canalis and “Gen. Aladeen” were photographed getting down and dirty on one of his private yachts, with the two acting out exactly how you’d imagine the scene would play out. She gets invited on his yacht, the General applies lotion, tries to get frisky, she slaps him in the face, and then he shows her his little member. OK, so maybe that’s not how you would imagine the scene to play out, but that’s why Sacha gets paid millions to be a comedian.

I gotta hand it to the Dictator, though, he certainly knows how to pick ’em. After you’re done checking out their sailboat romp below, see more of Elisabetta Canalis’ pics at the bottom!

COED Writer