Celebrity Boobs: Real or NOT Real? [POLL]


Hey COED! We all love celebrities’ breasts – am i right? We enjoy seeing pictures of these breasts, fantasizing about these breasts – and most importantly – watching these breasts bounce around on tropical beaches around the world. Basically, we’re infatuated with celebrities and their upper ventral region of the torso of a primate, in left and right sides, which in a female contains the mammary gland that secretes milk used to feed infants. But the big question is: Are these “celebrity breasts” authentic or “surgically enhanced?” A fun little game we could play is: Celebrity Breasts – Real or NOT Real?  What we – at COED – will do is show you several celebrities clad in bikinis. We want you to vote whether the celebrity’s breasts are real or fake.

Incentive: A crisp $20 bill* to any reader who can answer the celebrity breast poll correctly. (*$20 bill subject to availability.)

Megan Fox

LeAnn Rimes

Kristin Cavallari

Katy Perry

Jessica Simpson

Jennifer Aniston

Rosario Dawson

Miley Cyrus

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