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Susan Sarandon [See Her Tonight on THE BIG C]


Susan Sarandon on The Big C

(9:30 pm EST, Showtime)

It’s Mother’s Day, so celebrate by watching one of Hollywood’s hottest MILFs. Susan Sarandon has had a recurring role throughout this season of Showtime’s The Big C, and we can’t think of a better way to bring in some ratings. Of course, Susan’s been a sex symbol since debuting as a young hippie in 1970’s Joe. Then she provided some wholesome appeal while parading in bra and panties in 1975’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A 1983 lesbian scene with Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger really made her a favorite with men. Then she kept getting sexier through the years. Susan was already a hot older woman by the time of 1988’s Bull Durham. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating Susan’s sex appeal, and we’re tuning in tonight to get another eyeful. We bet Tim Robbins will, too.  [image credit: wallpaper-archives]

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