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Anyone who knows me knows that I love Reddit and the people who use it. Many are quick to judge Redditors and their seemingly nerdy ways, but you might be surprised to know that they’re a wealth of knowledge when it comes to partying. Take this “Favorite Drinking Games” post that was recently published… for science. Not only did some of the international redditors weigh in on their favorite ways to “scull goon bags,” I found a new favorite way to play beer pong. Check out the best of Reddit’s Favorite Drinking Games below!


Three things that everyone with a heartbeat loves are drinking, movies, and moustaches. So why not start our list on a strong note by showing you a game that involves all three?


  • Electrical Tape
  • Television
  • Always Sunny In Philadelphia


  • Place a few horizontal strips of electrical tape on the TV screen and start playing Always Sunny
  • Anytime someone’s face appears behind the tape (turning the tape into a moustache) you must drink
  • Don’t stop drinking until the moustache isn’t on their face anymore


Remember that game Battleships you used to play as a kid? Good. You’re going to need those earlier memories because this version of the game is sure to get you blacked-the-f*ck-out.


  • Two Pizza Boxes
  • Marker (to make an 8×8 grid)
  • Plastic shot glasses


  • Set up the inside of your pizza box like your own battleship side (8×8 grid). Make sure you’re letters and numbers match up with your drunken friends’.
  • Play battleship.
  • You might not want to actually use shots of 100% liquor.

Pokémon: Chug ‘Em All

While you might initially skip over this because of the use of Pokemon, you’d be mistaken to not check this game out more throughly. I wouldn’t be surprised if this might be the most fun game you’ve never played before.



  • Read the board

Vietnam: The Tet Offensive

I’ve never heard of this game before, and considering my knowledge of drinking games, I’m pretty sure this will be new to 80% of you all. Get ready to have your mind blown because this might take the cake as my favorite variation of Beer Pong ever.


  • 6 people
  • Double-wide beer pong table
  • 3 Ping-Pong Balls


  • One side sets up their cups in a 10-cup triangle. They are the US.
  • The other side sets up their cups in completely random spots. They are the Vietnamese.
  • The US side fills up their cups halfway. The Vietnamese fill up their cup 3/4.
  • The US starts with the balls.
  • Each time a Vietnamese cup is made, the players must drink the contents and remove it from the game.
  • Each time a US cup is made, the players must drink the contents and replace the cup with new beer.
  • The game is only over once A)all of the Vietnamese cups are gone or B) the US gives up
  • !Bonus Rule! If the Vietnamese cups are all eliminated, they can opt for the “Tet Offensive.” Essentially, it’s one minute of shooting on the US cups (don’t replace them this time). Lights must be flickered on and off. If all US cups are then gone, replay the game.


Funny story, I actually met a short-term girlfriend of mine playing this game. She actually wound up seriously being a drag, but what you can take away that is that this game made me drunk and her seem like fun. Without further ado, the most fun drinking game to be played outside:


  • A stump (preferably) or wooden plank
  • A hammer
  • One nail for each participant


  • Everyone starts by hammering in their own nail a little bit so it stays
  • The goal is to hammer everyone else’s nail down all the way
  • You must hit the nail by holding the hammer, throwing it up in one motion so it spins (“like a juggling club”), catching it by the grip, and then swinging it down without cocking the hammer back. (Video here)

Goon Of Fortune!

I live in New York City, so we don’t have anything remotely close to a spinning clothes drying rack, but all you folks out there in suburbia might be able to use this one. “Goon” refers to crappy boxed wine — it’s a New Zealand/Aussie thing I guess.


  • Spinning clothes rack (see above)
  • Boxed wine


  • Secure the goon bag to the clothes rack
  • Stand in a circle, equal distance apart from each other
  • Spin the rack and yell “Goon! Of! Fortune”
  • Whoever it lands on must drink for the decided on amount of time


One of my personal favorite dice games, I was happy to see this one on Reddit. I’d never seen the “Hero” rule before, but I’m including it anyways.


  • Dice
  • People sitting in a circle
  • Cup in the middle of the circle (Must always be filled with beer)


  • Everyone starts passing the dice around until someone rolls a 7, 11, or doubles.
  • The first person who rolls one of the three must pick a person to drink.
  • As soon as the drinker even touches the middle cup, the roller must roll.
  • If 7, 11, or doubles are rolled before the beer is finished, the drinker must try again with a full beer.
  • If the drinker finishes before the roller, the dice are passed to the next person.
  • If at any point a player wants to reach in and grab the cup, they may do so. They are considered a “hero.”
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