Jaime Ray Newman [See Her Tonight on CSI: NY]

Jaime Ray Newman on CSI: NY

(9 pm EST, CBS)

There’s going to be lots of bodily fluids getting flung over tonight’s season finale of CSI: NY–meaning, of course, the surgery scenes as Gary Sinise’s character tries to survive a gunshot. We’re also happy to see Jaime Ray Newman coming back for another guest spot. Jaime’s a favorite of the CSI shows, and nobody livens up a grisly murder like this ravishing redhead. She’s been around for a while, but we started jamming to Jaime over her regular role on the old Veronica Mars show. We also liked her turn as an extremely kinky gal on an episode of Nip/Tuck. It’s hard to believe that Eastwick ever got canceled, with Jaime joining Lindsay Price and Rebecca Romijn as witches sharing a horny little devil. Speaking of the supernatural–Jaime’s showing up in tonight’s episode as the dead wife of Sinise’s character, comforting him from the beyond. Do not resuscitate!   [image credit: wallpapers.cefapa]

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Why Can’t You Just Be Her Friend? [He Said/She Said]
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