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Film Critics Collide: DARK SHADOWS Takes On THE AVENGERS


Who dares to take on The Avengers at this weekend’s box office? Well, you could do worse than the team of Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton. Their work on 2010’s Alice in Wonderland made over $1 billion worldwide. Of course, Alice was already a beloved classic. The new Dark Shadows is a semi-spoof, semi-soap opera based on a kitschy old TV show about a vampire. Vampires are big, though–and the ladies like Johnny Depp. It’s the weekend’s only wide release. Indie fans have to settle for Chloë Grace Moretz (also in Dark Shadows) running way to Las Vegas in Hick, while Bobcat Goldthwait continues his unlikely directorial career with the controversial killing spree of God Bless America. That leaves the critics arguing over whether Tim Burton still has bite…

FANGTASTIC! Mick LaSalle @ San Francisco Chronicle  IT SUCKS! Tom Law @ Detroit News

GHOULISH FUN: Steven Rea @ Philadelphia Inquirer  DARKLY DIRE: Donald Clarke @ Irish Times

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