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Bruce Lee Resolution Entered In House of Representatives; D.C. Becomes Popular Again [VIDEO]


Finally, there’s a Congressional resolution that will bring together the people of America. After all, who wouldn’t want to honor legendary actor Bruce Lee? Nobody’s going to argue with the House Democrats who lauded Lee on Thursday for his amazing life, important teachings, and also for introducing swinging ’70s Americans to Chinese culture. The only questionable thing about the resolution is its weird timing. It wasn’t Bruce’s birthday (that’s November 27th) or the anniversary of his death. Maybe the Democrats were having a pizza party, and somebody said, “Dude, I’ve got an old DVD of Fists of Fury,” and everyone watched it and decided that Bruce was a pretty righteous guy. And they were correct. Now here’s a scene of Bruce fighting Chuck Norris. Don’t worry. They were friends in real life. Chuck would want Bruce honored, too.

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