Why Can’t You Just Be Her Friend? [He Said/She Said]

No matter how good looking or playerific you think you are, some girl, somewhere has put you in the friend zone. And once that happened, you went right along being friends with her… You know, just in case you were able to convince her of your worth. Maybe you did end up hooking up with her, maybe you didn’t. The point is that you stayed friends with her because you thought she was hot to trot. Now imagine the reverse situation. All the girls you think aren’t attractive but you’re friends with? They wanna to bone. [lead image via runzelkorn / Shutterstock]

I’m sorry to have to break this news to you, but it’s nearly impossible to have a purely platonic relationship with someone of the opposite sex. Friends get drunk with each other and drunk people do things to other drunk people (at least that’s been my excuse for years). Society expects us to be able to keep our carnal instincts bottled up inside — fine, we can deal with that. That doesn’t mean it’s going to change the nature of why we want to hang out. And why should it? Keeping things exciting and interesting is what makes relationships last. Yes, even relationships that don’t involve any blowjobs.

This last point is important because it reinforces that ladies should keep hanging out with their male friends instead of shunning them, fearing a drunken kiss. Yes, you’ve relegated them (us) to the friend zone, but they’re still chilling with you. The immediate attraction was sexual, but it can graduate to other levels. For example, you might be funny, have a cool crib, or even have hot friends (we’re always looking for Miss COED applications). That’s all great and stuff but unless he’s a friend of a friend or gay, and you two are hanging out, there’s probably been some sexual chemistry between the two of you. If you haven’t noticed, then he’s just a damn fine actor. Or you’re ugly (jk).

Steamy office relationships [image via Blaj Gabriel Shutterstock

The only platonic relationships I’ve had with women are those through work and I’m thinking that’s because we weren’t introduced in a social environment. It was, “This is (female co-worker). She will be working with you. Now don’t do anything stupid to get sued and/or fired.” Since that introduction, we work together constantly and it’s all business without theĀ bid’niss. And there is something to be said for having a member of the opposite sex you can chat with.

On that note guys and girls if you have a good friend you’re suspicious has a crush on you, hang out with them. Keep the knowledge that you’re aware of their obession to yourself and you’ll probably continue having the same fun you’ve always had. Long story short: you like girls and girls like you. Since you can’t have them all (and vice versa) why not try to hang out with as many of them as you can?


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