Vidal Sassoon, RIP: He Made Short Hair Sexy–Here’s Pics To Prove It!

Vidal Sassoon is dead, and he better stay away from Frank Sinatra in heaven. The legendary singer freaked out when the hairstylist gave Mia Farrow a short haircut for the 1968 horror film Rosemary’s Baby. Frank didn’t even care that his wife’s pixie haircut was a plot point in the film. The movie still secured Sassoon’s place as one of the world’s most famous hairstylists. Even suburban housewives were trying out his weirdly off-balance short haircuts. A decade later, he’d get a big revival with the fashionable emergence of punk and new-wave. Now the Sassoon legacy lives on in babes like Rihanna and Emma Watson–who show up in the gallery below, which closes with Nancy Kwan in another signature Sassoon style. Check out these ladies and have something to discuss with your girlfriend. She might still be in mourning.                        [image credit: ensley.xicp]

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