Amare Stoudemire Played Shane Battier, Gets Insulted By Heat PA [VIDEO]

Just like everyone else last night, we called that the New York Knicks would get ousted by the Heat. All things considered, though, you have to give it up for Bibby, Amare, and Chandler for not going out like punks. We can’t say the same for Shane Battier (yeah, yeah, he’s not “out” yet). As Amare Stoudemire fouled out of the game on a charge, he knocked Shane down. As a show of kindness, Amare reaches his hand out to Battier to pick him up, only to play him like chump. Schoolyard basketball at it’s finest.

The Miami Heat look out for their own, it would seem, because even the Heat’s PA guy came to Shane’s defense. Instead of announcing that Amare had fouled out, he told everyone that Amare had been “extinguished.” To. Shay. If he’s not a shoe-in for Bro of the Week, something’s wrong with this world.

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