Celebrities Captured Without Makeup: COED EXCLUSIVE!


COED would like to give TMZ a run for their celebrity-spotting money. That’s why we’d like to introduce a new feature: Celebrities Captured WITHOUT Makeup!!!!! (Note all the exclamation points to denote our excitement!) We scoured the streets of Manhattan in search of celebrities caught off guard – without the benefit of makeup, jewelry, a pet lhama, or fancy evening wear. The one place in New York you’re always guaranteed to find celebrities: Times Square. This secret locale is a virtual playground for the rich-and-famous. And when celebrities go to Times Square to frolic – they usually let their glamorous guard down.

COED journeyed to this celebrity Mecca on a Tuesday afternoon in May and captured the likes of Nicole Kidman, Charlize Tthero, Rihanna, and many other famous women, as we caught……..CELEBRITIES CAPTURED WITHOUT MAKEUP!



Hard to believe it’s the same Nicole Kidman that starred in Eyes Wide Shut and Bewitched.  This is a rare site of Kidman exiting Times Square’s Ripley’s  Believe it or Not museum.


The Adam’s Family star – pops out of  her office, sans makeup, to get a little reading done on her Kindle. I guess she didn’t have  time to get all dolled up.


The star of Monster lounged outside a Duncan Donuts – minus her   makeup. How were those chocolate glazed, Charlize?


Pinks pops over to a hot dog stand for a bite to eat. Forgetting to put on her makeup is nothing for this music star to sing about.


You could barely recognize Grammy award winner, Rihanna, as she strolled down Broadway. Next time put on makeup, okay?

Now it’s up to you – COED reader. Do you think celebrities should or shouldn’t wear makeup? Here’s your chance to vote below:

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