Brooke Nevin [See Her Tonight on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION]


Brooke Nevin guests on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

(10 pm EST, CBS)

It’s an all-star season finale tonight for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, including boob-tube veterans like Jaclyn Smith and Peri Gilpin–but Brooke Nevin looks like the show’s biggest star to us. We’ve been watching Brooke transform into a real beauty ever since her stint on the Nickelodeon network in Animorphs. The Canadian cutie would grow up to star in some grown-up sci-fi with the alien-abduction series The 4400. She also appeared in a great Supernatural episode as a terrified teen trapped in a haunted asylum. Brooke made it to the multiplexes as a gyrating gymnast in the 2007 sports spoof The Comebacks, and then returned to her homeland for regular roles in the popular TV series Call Me Fitz (with Jason Priestly) and then Breakout Kings–which brought Brooke back to American homes on the A&E network. Breakout Kings just had its season finale, so here’s an extra chance to eyeball Brooke before the start of the new TV season. Until then, we’ll comfort ourselves with her Twitter feed.             [image credit: poptower]

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