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New EXPENDABLES 2 Poster: Scott Adkins Comes Limping Along


Remember when The Expendables 2 released a dozen posters featuring cast members? Well, look who got left out. Scott Adkins–who may be all tough as a Tae Kwan Do champion, but obviously isn’t tough enough to scare the Expendables marketing team. Check out Adkins now, clearly embarrassed to not even make the first cut over pretty-boy Liam Hemsworth. They made a big deal out of Liam, and he’s just the brother of the God of Thunder. That’s right, Adkins. We’re mocking you, and you’re not going to do a damn thing about it. Mostly because you’ll be too busy getting laid just by being the 13th most important cast member of The Expendables 2. Also, we’re not going to put a byline on this thing. Ha-ha.

COED Writer