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Julia Orayen: Playboy Playmate and Good Reason to Follow Mexican Politics [20 PHOTOS]


You know what would improve our Presidential debates? Ring girls, like the ones they have in Mexico–and we don’t mean during their wrestling matches. Check out Julia Orayen, who spiced up last night’s televised debate by handing out topic cards to the candidates for the Mexican presidency. The former Playboy Playmate (Miss September, 2008, in the Mexican edition) was onscreen for about five seconds. She’s pretty much all that’s been debated ever since. Some people are debating whether it was appropriate for Julia–working as a production assistant–to come onstage in such a revealing dress. Others are debating whether she’s the hottest woman in Mexico, or on the entire planet. Meanwhile, the focus of the Presidential debate was on crime. The evening ended with a declaration that it would be a crime not to bring Julia back for the next debate.

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