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Are Hipsters Who Drink PBR Really D-Bags? [POLL]


A raging debate has been taking place in the halls of our great universities. College professors and intellects are locked in heated disagreement: Are hipsters who drink PBR the planet’s biggest douchebags? Some feel that hipsters wielding ironic cans of PBR (is it part of the uniform?), are doing so – as a license to be a complete douche. Those on the other side of the debate feel that consuming¬†Pabst Blue Ribbon is merely an inexpensive drinking option. Still, the locked debate rages on…

Maybe you–the COED reader should decide? That’s right: We at COED are going to present several photos of hipsters drinking PBRs–and we want you to vote on whether you think those appearing in the images are douchebags or not. Sound good? Ready? Let’s go…

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE PHOTO OF A DOUCHEBAG HIPSTER DRINKING PBR? (Why are you shouting at us with caps?) Tweet it to us @COEDMagazine

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