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Green Technology: The Molino Glass Mini Bong Packs a Punch


First of all, it wasn’t me who turned in that bong to Goodwill with the marijuana residue. You know I would’ve scraped that thing clean first. I am, however, in the market for a new bong. It’s not easy being a smart consumer, either. For example, I’m not in the mood to be inhaling on some lead-filled glass from China. I have to be a little more discreet nowadays, too. The days are gone when I could proudly park my bong on the coffee table like some rock star showing off his home for MTV. Also, I am poor.

The good news is that I am now proudly rocking five inches of sheer pleasure, thanks to the Molino Glass Mini Bong. I’ve had a large Molino bong before, and found it to be a pretty good deal–especially when you compared the price to a similar bong from the Roor line. I wasn’t expecting much from my Mini, though. I thought I’d be better off spending my valuable $15 on a pinch hitter. Instead, this Molino Mini delivers a big puff of whatever herb or tobacco might hold your interest. It’s damn stylish, too. Impresses the ladies more than rolling out some goofy-looking joint or passing some stinky old pipe. You might want to save the Molino Mini for intimate moments, too. Three is definitely a crowd with the Mini, but it’ll do just fine at taking care of two tokers.

The design also keeps this Mini sitting pretty while you’re discussing important things between hits. The closest thing to a flaw is that the bowl is smaller than what most people are used to. You’ll also want to be wary about how close your face gets to the flame. The Mini might also challenge your sense of bong etiquette. I’ve had to get in the habit of cleaning it after every use. The bong doesn’t get any dirtier than others, but you have to work harder at keeping it looking good. That’s worth the time, though. Break this out for an instant conversation piece. The marketing department is sleeping on the job, because the Molino Mini is definitely for lovers. Size doesn’t matter–really, for once.

  • COED Writer