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Anja Rubik Gets A Leg Up On Angelina Jolie [49 PHOTOS]


As you might have heard, last night at Metropolitan Museum of Art was the annual Costume Institute Gala. We’re a little peeved at the mailman for losing our invite, but looking at some of these event photos has eased our pain. One girl (or pelvic bone of said girl) in particular was very helpful in this regard: Anja Rubik. Remember that leggy dress Angelina Jolie wore to the Oscars? Well Anja has officially one-upped her.

The sexy Victoria’s Secret model couldn’t be missed, but we’re still unsure of who her date was. While I dread that shorty is her boyfriend, Steve seems to think that Anja’s an active member of the “Make A Wish Foundation.” Either way, he got a great view her pelvic bone all night. Check out an early candidate for “best dressed leg,” as well as many of her other photos below.

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