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Alaina Huffman [See Her Tonight on NCIS: LOS ANGELES]


Alaina Huffman guests on NCIS: Los Angeles

(9 pm EST, CBS)

On tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, there’s a Russian sleeper cell in suburbia. We recommend going undercover and sleeping with prime suspect Alaina Huffman. She’s been our prime fantasy ever since she became a Geek Goddess on sci-fi shows like Painkiller Jane and SGU: Stargate Universe. Alaina also scored big as a comic-book heroine on Smallville, where she looked fine in fishnet stockings as the Black Canary. (That’s like the Black Widow, but sexier.) Sadly, Smallville and Stargate both wrapped up last year. We’re overdue for some Alaina action. Her Twitter feed has been some comfort, but that mostly reminds us that Alaina’s also a MILF with four(!) kids. That’s okay, Alaina. We love kids. It’s part of being the Ideal Man, just like we love watching you shop…                                                [image credit:marketwallpapers]

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