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55 Year-Old Cheerleader Sharon Simmons Auditions for the Dallas Cowboys Cheer Squad [14 PHOTOS]


We all have a favorite MILF, but Sharon Simmons is really drawing a line in the football field with her dream of becoming the world’s oldest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. We have to give the 55-year-old fitness femme some credit for being in great shape. We’ve seen strippers half her age that don’t have the endurance she showed off in her recent audition. Sharon also must have the Texas spirit it takes for her to do Dallas. After all, the aspiring cheerleader is also an aspiring actress, and she’s already landed a small scene in the TNT network’s upcoming remake of the Dallas TV show. And you can’t complain about Sharon being a grandmother. Some guys might find her sexier than Suzie Sanchez. That’s the 37-year-old Oakland Raiders cheerleader who would be Sharon’s only fellow NFL granny. Decide for yourself if Sharon’s dream makes her a dream girl. Seriously, take your time. We can think of worse things to do than stare at any aspiring Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

COED Writer