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Tech Salad Sandwich: HP 7″ Digital Picture Frame


Who are these people in the photo above? They look so freakishly happy. I doubt I’ve ever been as happy as them. They are in the middle of a couple-induced piggyback ride. They came with the digital picture frame demo –  but I think I”m going to keep them. Haven’t you wondered who these people are in the photos that come with picture frames. I have. Now I’m wondering about these strange, happy people – displayed with even higher res clarity inside my  HP’s df730 Digital Picture Frame. (Quite a long title for a product, isn’t it?)

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. This HP 7″ digital picture frame model is one of the least expensive units on the market. I like the simplicity; there’s no need to download your photos to your computer and then transfer the images via USB cable to the frame. This can be done directly by inserting your memory card directly into the back of the frame. A handy remote allows you to instigate a handy little photo slideshow. I personally could see this coming in handy if showing a photography portfolio.

Meanwhile, look at the happy girl below. She also came with the picture frame. Are the happy people who come with picture frames just a reminder of who f-ed up our simple lives are? Are we supposed to live vicariously through their happiness – wishing that we were just as happy as them? Is it weird to tell friends that these people are actually distant relatives from Canada?

Did I already mention the great price for the HP’s df730 Digital Picture Frame? One aspect, though, has a bit to be desired; the actual brown frame. It kind of looks Chinatown-bazaar quality – where you’d find it on display next to some backscratchers, a bin full of fans, and a cage full of Gremlins (don’t feed them after midnight).

My suggestion is to get a little bit creative and modify it; unscrew the frame and create your own frame-tacular design. Another peeve about the HP is the picture frame stand. The problem involves the frame falling over on my desk when there’s a sudden jolt. Basically, the stand doesn’t extend far enough. Then the falling occurs.

The Skinny:

-7″ LCD display with 800 x 600 resolution

-High Contrast, 4:3 screen

-Dimensions; 240 x 205 x 40mm

-1.8 lbs

-A monthly calendar feature

-Internal memory can store 50 photos

-Multi-format card reader is compatible with: SD, XD, MS, MS-PRO, MMC

-Supports JPEG image format

-Includes remote control

-Slideshow photo display, Programmable power On/Off

Price: $59

COED Writer