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COED Jukebox: Luscious Jackson’s “Naked Eye” (for Adam Yauch) [VIDEO]


Luscious Jackson was one of Adam Yauch’s favorite bands, and the gals were some of his favorite people. Frontwoman Jill Cunniff even got a literal shout-out on one of the Beastie Boys’ early hardcore songs. That was back when Kate Schellenbach was the Beastie Boys drummer. She’d join Luscious Jackson as the first band signed to the Beasties’ Grand Royal label back in 1991. “Naked Eye” was the closest they ever got to a hit, and the stylishly funky sound earned them a lot of hype. Luscious Jackson still wrapped up their career at the end of the ’90s–and announced that they were back together in 2011. Maybe they were bonding over Yauch’s illness. He was sure happy to see them reunited. Now here’s a reminder why we should all be hoping for a Luscious Jackson comeback…

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