Ashley Jones [See Her Tonight on BONES]

Ashley Jones on Bones

(8 pm EST, FOX)

Tonight’s episode of Bones is one of those things where the characters end up on the set of a Hollywood cop show. But it’s a cop show we’d be watching, since the lead actress in the show-within-a-show is babe-within-a-hottie Ashley Jones. Maybe it’s an inside joke to have a soap star like Ashley in the cast, but we think it’s bold and beautiful to add this starlet from The Bold and the Beautiful. Ashley spent seven years on that soap before heading out to seek proper stardom–starting with shifting our inseams as a doomed half-pig shapeshifter in True Blood. It tore our hearts out when Ashley got her heart torn out, but we’re still dreaming of makin’ bacon! (Also, we’re following her on Twitter. Don’t tell her we said that thing about makin’ bacon.)

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