T-Shirts That Guarantee You’ll Never Get Laid

One thing I love abut taking a stroll around Times Square is the gift shops that sell “funny” T-shirts. Look at the example above. The wearer of said T-shirt is telling the world: “Today I’ve decided to be funny!” You never see live humans wearing these T-shirts in real life – outside of  an ironic T-shirt wearing party. Who comes up with this stuff? Is there a boardroom at the funny T-shirt  factory that votes on which offensive slogan gets printed? Were these the top ideas that made the cut!?

For example, look at the T-shirt above. If a guy wore this, it would be the most effective form of birth control being no women in her right mind would ever want to sleep with him. With camera in hand, I headed to Times Square – to give you a visual taste of chemise de la funny. Welcome to T-shirts that guarantee you’ll never get laid.

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