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Soundgarden Reunites for AVENGERS Video (and Captain America is Pissed)


Need more hype on The Avengers? Here’s the new music video from the reunited Soundgarden, as they perform “Live to Rise” from the film’s soundtrack. It’s fun to see the Seattle act back together, but we’re also trying to figure out how much new Avengers footage is included. Maybe we haven’t seen Captain America with a machine gun before, and that’s a better shot of Mjolnir than we ever saw in Thor. (Mjolnir is the name of Thor’s hammer. Why don’t you know that?) This also has us pretty much convinced that we have to see the movie in 3D. The actual music is a pretty good hard-rock anthem, and Soundgarden has sure found the best way to get it heard:

But let’s also give frontman Chris Cornell props for another soundtrack appearance. “Live to Rise” is the follow-up to his opening theme for Casino Royale, which went neglected because everyone was so excited that the actual film didn’t suck. It couldn’t have been hard to make an impressive Bond theme after Madonna’s attempt in Die Another Day. Still, check out this clip to enjoy Cornell’s really great big-screen anthem:

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