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New Zealand Challenges Australia at Extreme (Maybe Fatal) Drinking Games


Australia got most of the credit for planking, but New Zealanders will tell you that they came up with it first. Well, some New Zealanders. The kind that plank, mostly. Anyway, now the proud New Zealand city of Dunedin can claim to be the home of the new drinking game of Possum. (That might have something to do with Dunedin being a popular surfing destination.) Pay attention, because the rules are complicated: 1) Climb tree. 2) Get drunk. 3) Fall out of tree.

Not everyone in Dunedin is amused. For one thing, it’s damaging the trees. The place has some that are over 100 years old, and now they’re being used as barstools. Also, you know what drunk people tend to do before falling out of a tree? They puke. In a perfect world, Possum players would then fall into the puke while wearing a shirt made out of Bounty towels. This is not a perfect world. Still, we have to admire the brave folks of New Zealand who looked to the sky and said, “There’s a good place to fall out of while stinking drunk.” In somewhat related news, here’s a video about a drunk Swedish moose stuck in a tree:

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