Protesting or Pole Dancing: How Did You Spend Your May Day?

Today is May Day. Traditionally, May 1st is an ancient spring European festival – primarily centered within Germanic. nations. Typical May Day activities involve a festival dance around a maypole – simply a part of the general rejoicing at the return of summer and the growth of new vegetation.

Here’s what dancing around the maypole looks like. Dance fair maidens, dance!:


For 99% of other revelers, May Day is about fleeing stinging tear gas, as portest were organized across county to standup for labor and immigration rights – to show the 1 percent” what life without the “99 percent” would look like. Workers and students were told to take a day off in solidarity against income inequality and “unjust” corporate practices.

According to ABC News, “An estimated 200 protesters are in Madison Square Park in New York City, while another 500 people are in Bryant Park. In Chicago, an estimated 1,000 people have gathered in a section of Union Park despite occasional rain, the Chicago Tribune reported. There have been an unknown number of arrests in Philadelphia and Los Angeles International Airport related to the protests.

Here’s what their May Day celebration looked like:


So how did you spend you May Day? I’m sure there were more members of the 1% dancing around maypoles.

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