Brandy Norwood [See Her Tonight on THE GAME]

Brandy Norwood picks up The Game

(10 pm EST, BET)

There’s been a big media blitz for Brandy Norwood lately, with the former teen pop star proving that she’s all grown up. Even her recent Behind the Music was more scandalous than you’d expect. Brandy’s also busting out this summer with a sexy new single and album. We first saw Brandy had become a real woman in the 1998 slasher sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, but she’s still spent years typecast as the young star of Moesha. Not even some mature hit singles could help out Brandy’s acting career. Now she’s followed a stint on the revived 90210 by joining the long-running sitcom The Game–and she’s certainly revived our interest in the show, and her Twitter feed, and dance music, and an amazing new look that’s getting us drunk on Brandy!                                              [image credit: portwallpaper]

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