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Tiffany Dupont [See Her Tonight on CASTLE]


Tiffany Dupont on Castle

(10 pm EST, ABC)

You know what gets us tuning into a show? Beautiful women and zombies. Consider tonight’s episode of Castle, as the dashing author-turned-homicide-detective investigates a bitten-up corpse that has him “exploring New York City’s zombie subculture.” We’d be exploring that, too, if we’d dig up a gal like guest starĀ  Tiffany Dupont. We’ve been drooling over this tasty treat ever since she landed a breakout role on the ABC Family dramedy Greek.

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Sadly, the closest Tiffany has gotten to breaking out on the big screen is in the Biblical epic One Night with the King. Now we can enjoy Tiffany in a rare hipster role, and her character’s name might even be an in-joke referencing an obscure horror director. And don’t forget Tiffany’s hip turn in DJ Lubel’s “Masturbate for Life” video, which references back to her days as Miss University of Georgia:

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