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The Geeks Are Slackers Over THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Viral Campaign


Warner Bros is making the fans work for their new viral campaign pushing The Dark Knight Rises. currently sports a dossier with arrest warrants for Batman, along with a very, very long list of where Batman’s supporters have left graffiti all over the world. That’s seriously all over the world, with locations ranging from Hamburg, Germany to Fort Worth, Texas. Now all fans have to do is find the different graffiti marks (in the form of bat-shaped etchings), take a photo of each one, and post the photo to Twitter. When all the etchings have been collected, the fans will have assembled (frame by frame) the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. It’s over at another site with the catchy URL of

The whole thing seems to be taking a while.

As of this writing, there have been precious few film frames gathered. That’s in stark contrast to a viral campaign from Halloween 2007, where Batman fans quickly mobilized to take pics of letters from different city addresses to assemble an online message from the Joker. (For example, we stood outside the Simon & Schuster building in Manhattan to take a picture of the big “W” in the sign of the W Hotel.) This DKR trailer–which will be playing before The Avengers this Friday, anyway–doesn’t have the same momentum. Maybe it’s a little much to expect for there to be a big Batman fan eager to do his part over four locations in Utretch, Holland. (Nothing personal, Utretch readers.) It also doesn’t help that the bat graffiti isn’t exactly easy to find. We tried to make our own contribution, but couldn’t spend all day looking for our own little bat. It’s pretty clear that–again, as of this writing–Warner Bros hasn’t exactly started a viral fire. Is it possible that viral campaigns lack the thrill they could offer back in 2007? You don’t have to answer that unless you’re a Warner Bros PR person. By the way, special hat tip to @ThespianSheldon for our bat picture here. That guy’s hardcore.

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