Sara Jean Underwood Wants To Be Your J Valentine [32 PHOTOS]


In light of National Honesty Day, we’ve taken a hard look at ourselves and realized that we have a safe, yet borderline dangerous obsession with Sarah Jean Underwood. So when we saw that these photos of her shoot with J Valentine earlier on the year just leaked, we knew that we had to get them up immediately. Who is J Valentine? No, they aren’t a Japanese magazine (our first guess); they sell rave clothing. Seriously. Towards the end of these awesomely sexy shots, you’ll find Sara Jean in some furry clothes fit only for a Molly-taking dancer–which is funny, because most chicks you see wearing these things aren’t even 18. But we digress. Check out Sara Jean Underwood in some of the wildest outfits below!

Director of Sales and Marketing
Director of Sales and Marketing
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