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No CGI Needed: Yosemite Time Lapse Hoedown [Video]


Do you know what kicks ass? Mother-flippin’ nature. I’m serious. The great outdoors is its own Industrial Light and Magic machine. Check out the video: Yosemite Range of Light. This amazing piece of work is a jaw-dropping time-lapse video of Yosemite National Park created by Shawn Reeder.

Here’s what Mr. Reeder has to see about the inception of this piece of work:

Ever since I serendipitously won a trip to Yosemite when I was 18, the beautiful Range of Light has captured my heart and become my home. Nothing brings me more joy than to share this life changing beauty with others. Ever since I became fascinated with timelapse photography almost 2 years ago, I’ve wanted to do a piece on Yosemite & the Sierra. Now after almost two years of shooting, I´m thrilled to share it with you. I hope you enjoy my vision of my home, the majestic Yosemite & Sierra.

Hell yes. Check it out for yourself (full-screen this puppy up for best viewing):

  • COED Writer