Devin Hester Has The Most Swagger Of The Chicago Bears [INTERVIEW]

This weekend Nike showed off their new NFL jerseys in Chicago and brought along the Bears’ speed-freak Devin Hester. The wide-receiver has been the focus of conversation lately as the Bears are looking to institute a “Devin Package.” We didn’t want to miss the Q&A, so we headed off to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Luckily, we got to speak to him afterwards. Here is what he had to say about the new jerseys, the new draft picks, and the new offense. [lead image via NewsOne]

COED: Obviously a Nike guy. It’s a Nike event. I like what you said about Reebok. It’s just the quality with Nike. The quality, it’s just better. It’s a proven fact. Everybody likes Nike. The material is stronger, it’s lighter and better. It’s the material that I like.

How is it going to be for returns? Have you ever had guys just grab your jersey? A couple times. But like they said, this material is slippery, harder to grab. It gives more of an advantage for guys like myself.

We just made our 2nd draft pick. We just picked Alshon Jeffery. Is that good? We need at least 5 or 6 solid receivers. With this type of offense we need lots of guys to come in and help. We knew going into the draft that we were going to get another receiver.

Do you guys talk about that stuff at all? As players we know we need other guys. Guys get hurt left and right. We need players to alternate in and out.

COED: What about you? You have been working out with Johnny [Knox]. Have you talked to him? What’s his status? I talk to him every day. He’s off his brace. He’s doing a little running on his own, starting to lift weights again, at one point he couldn’t even do that. It’s going take some time with Johnny, it’s not an injury you can just come back from overnight.

As a predominantly special teams player, how do you feel about the NFL trying to rid away with kickoffs? If they do that, it’s pretty much going to ruin the game I think. In situations where we have onside kicks, what do you do from that point? If a team scores a touchdown with 40 seconds left on the clock, how are they going to get the ball back if they need it? If that phase of the game just gets taken out, at the point the game just going to be pointless.

What do you think about the rule changes this year? How did that affect your game. There were some returns where you did well, but there were some where you didn’t get any yards. It prevented a lot of concussions, but I guess that’s the only thing you can look at. Other than that, at the same time, players want to give fans what they want to see. Returns are an exciting part of the game, when you start taking away things like that, you pretty much take the fun out of football.

How do you like Mike Tice as the new offensive coordinator? I love Mike Tice. He brings a lot of energy and excitement to the offense. And not only to the players, but as a person. You get a coach like that, that is more socialable to you, it makes you want to give more effort to a person that is just as energized as you.

How do you feel about Brandon Marshall joining the squad? It’s going to be a big help. Tremendously. Brandon is a big guy, and teams are really going to have to key in on him, and it’s going to open up a lot for other guys. When guys start making other plays, and the thunder comes rolling in, that’s when Brandon goes into beast mode. This offense that we have this year, it’s going be hard for a team to just run cover two, cause we got two way running backs. We are going put up a lot of points.

How do you think you will fit into the offense this year? This year I’m gonna be a playmaker! Big Plays. That’s what I am here for and that is what I’m going to do.

You got [Brandon] Marshall, and Earl [Bennet], and we don’t know what’s going on with Johnny [Knox], but you just got Alshon Jeffery, a big target out of South Carolina. Like you said, these are going to be some crazy match ups. When you get a team like that, everybody is going to have their share. There is one game where one guy catches 15 balls, then the next week it’s going be another guy. When you have a team like that, it’s hard to scheme and come with up with a situation to shut this team down.

Other than you, who is the Bear with the most Swag? I don’t know (Laughs), I gotta check out what all the new guys are looking like.

So only you then? Only me.

There you have it! Straight from Devin Hester himself. With a new season underway, who knows what will come? New Jerseys, new offensive coordinator, new playmakers on the offense, it all keys in! Check out the new Jersey Designs in the gallery below, and don’t forget to follow me on twitter (@adambrezak) for more interviews!!!

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