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Andrea Parker [See Her Tonight on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES]


 Andrea Parker on Desperate Housewives

9 pm EST, ABC

Desperate Housewives filmed its final episode last week–and there was a time when that would be a big deal. Now the former hit is forgotten amongst Sunday’s other hot shows. At least Housewives has made the last season interesting by adding in Andrea Parker in a recurring role. It’s hard to believe this hot babe has been around long enough to make her debut as a naughty nurse in the ‘80s sex comedy Rented Lips. The former dancer didn’t really break through until a stint on the hit ’90s series The Pretender. Andrea’s pretty much spent her entire career on television, but you can see this 5’10” femme has a bod that can fill up a big screen: [image credit: bollywood-tamil]

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